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Testing Instructions


If you are testing multiple tanks or multiple environments, swab one tank or one environment at a time and label the swab container so as not to get the swabs mixed up.


For Environmental swab testing:

First remove the swab from the sterile plastic tube.

To ensure that the particles properly adhere to the swab, you can initially dip the swab into some sterile or distilled water to moisten it.

You can drag the swab length wise on the bottom of your reptile's tank in the most highly concentrated areas where they spend most of their time. Don't be afraid to get the swab dirty as that will pick up adeno particles. They are small particles and will be easily picked up.

Once you have completed swabbing the environmental area, place the swab back into the plastic tube and label it.

For Direct Fecal swab testing:

First remove the swab from the sterile plastic tube.

Rub the swab directly on the fecal sample. Be sure that the swab gathers enough of the moisture on the swab for the swab to appear brown or dirty. The sample itself does not need to be stuck onto the swab, but there does need to be enough of the sample on the swab
to soak it. The bottom line is that it does not need to be overly messy in appearance. The particles are small and are easily detected in testing.

Replace the swab back into the tube and label it.




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