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Breeder Information


We have a breeder who is willing to announce that they are testing for Adeno virus and have successfully cleaned their colony in order to have an all negative breeding facility.

This is a big step for the future of Bearded Dragons and their breeders. I hope that in the future more breeders will follow suit and become more serious about testing.  While a lot of other people have tested, along with a few other breeders here and there, we have not had anyone who was willing to go public with their information and or results. This breeder is passionate about having a healthy Adeno-Free colony and has tested through the PATS. We have verified the results with the lab and can say that she does have an Adeno-Free colony of Bearded Dragons.

We appreciate your support.  We are working on several new projects right now, and some are showing some good promise.  Thank you. 
We have been getting more interest so I am looking forward to seeing what the future will hold.  I appreciate the support of those who are participating currently or have participated in the past for data configuration.
Check back often for updates or if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for your support.

This link will take you to a fully tested Adenovirus-free breeder, BloodMoon Dragons.
A special thanks to BloodMoon Dragons for working so very hard to test all of her beautiful precious dragons for me.  I really appreciate it!



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